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Charlotte, Canada and Clothes

Posted in Eccentricities by Zoelle on August 10, 2008


Won NPS again, in case you hadn’t heard. Apparently it was a margin of 2.5 points. Still disappointed that no teams from the bay made it, considering that (from what I could tell on the nps results page (which is SO WEIRD I don’t get it), Oakland was like -this- close. Sigh.


I’m going in a week. First there will be first-cousin-marriage madness in Michigan (more on that another day) and then there will be… something in Canada. We haven’t actually decided yet (oops) though it looks like we’ve switched from Toronto to Niagara-on-the-Lake. I’ve been to neither, and have no idea where to stay or what to do. Thoughts? Advice? Please? Help a poor Californian out? I need to relax like woah.


I don’t know how interesting this could possibly be to anyone but me, but I bought the sexiest dress I’ve ever seen while at a consignment shop near 4th street yesterday, and I’m still sort of astonished that I did it. It’s basically the same color as my skin but also has white polka dots, which doesn’t sound particularly sexy right off the bat, but it helps to know that the thing is made of silk, has no back, a plunging front, and was made by VS. So.  Who knows when I’ll wear it, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

In other news, I head back to Connecticut soon. Oh Bay Area, how I’ll miss you…


Claims, Curry, and California

Posted in Eccentricities by Zoelle on August 8, 2008


For those of you following my car accident saga, I found out today that the other party’s insurance has accepted liability. Which is SUCH a relief, because it really wasn’t my fault. Now we just have to persuade those pesky police officers who decided prior to talking to me that I had run a red light and thus wouldn’t listen to a word I said… I just hope I don’t have to get a lawyer over this.


 Not much to say about this, except that it exploded all over everything in my work bag, and now I smell like thai peanut sauce. And have to buy my friend a new copy of The Savage Detectives. And I felt a need to whine.


Ok, here’s the meat of this post, so to speak. California is my home. I’ve lived in two other states in my life and go to college in a third, but I was born here and I’m planning to come back as soon as possible.

I can’t even chalk it up to the weather. Honestly, it’s snowy and disgusting in Connecticut, and humid and disgusting in the Ohio, and it just NEVER STOPS RAINING in Washington (because the cliche is a cliche for a reason, guys) but it isn’t as if that would stop me from being where I felt I belonged. And after two years of mostly residing in a place that I imagined perfect for me (the ivy league, the east coast, etc etc) I know that I never really appreciated what I had going for me here.

I could ramble on about this for days, but I’ll spare you. Let’s just say i never appreciated my community. And now I do.

AND– speaking of my community guess who has continued kicking an astonishing amount of ass at the national poetry slam?!

Oh, that would be the bay area. ALL THREE BAY AREA TEAMS ARE (MOST LIKELY) GOING TO SEMIS! I’m so proud. Even if Oakland beat my friends in SF. This is a landmark occasion, and I only wish I were there to celebrate with them. Fingers crossed for Saturday, people. They’re some of the most talented and fantastic humans I know, and they deserve this.