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Quick update

Posted in Eccentricities by Zoelle on August 26, 2008

Hey all,

Still haven’t quite made it to school yet- making a pit stop in Trumbull, CT for a capella retreat. I’ve been playing beach volleyball and going on long walks and staring longingly at the lake and oh, I guess singing too. Today we had a performance seminar, and I remembered how much I love performing. I may actually try out for some stuff this year.

In other news, the closing ceremonies of the Olympics were pretty sweet (though not as cool as the opening ones) despite the HORRIFYING costumes. Bright pink and rhinestones?! Really?! Stepping out of your dress to go grope Jimmy Page?! Really London? Sigh.

It was nice to see all of the replays as well (because Usain Bolt is amazing, as are the gymnasts and the swimmers) and watching Michael Phelps stumble through speaking in London was kind of fun. I was sad not to see more of the ridiculous World According to Ryan Lochte, but I suppose we can’t always get what we want. There should have been a greatest hits of the commentary. Excluding the weird cultural segments with Mary Carillo (who I really think may be a man. Maybe. [That’s mean, but dude, she has the lowest voice ever.) I feel like she could totally do some good journalism, but was limited to sort of lame things by the circumstances. Oh well.

Anyway, more to come later- I’m off to Redding and speed scrabble.


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