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Red-Eyes, Reading, and Rena

Posted in Eccentricities by Zoelle on August 17, 2008


I hate them. I am tall, and the seats aren’t made for people of my stature. Enough said.


Upon (finally) reaching the hotel, I crashed into bed and grabbed All About Lulu, a novel by Jonathan Evison. This book also holds the distinction of being the book behind My Favorite Book Tour that I mentioned earlier this summer.

Despite my exhaustion, I powered through all 336 pages in 3ish hours, which is a testament both to the flow of the writing and my hunger to read. I’m pretty tired now, so I won’t go into an astonishing amount of detail here with my thoughts on the book. Basically, it’s relatively well written, breezy, with an interesting conceit, and some surprisingly captivating characters. I especially like one Eugene Gobernecki and his transcendental Hot Dog stand. The ending isn’t surprising (I think I figured it out 50 pages in) but the story kept me going until the end, and I didn’t resent its predictability, which is a feat for a twist junkie like me.

It’s a good summer read, and I would certainly recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a light, fun piece.


Is getting married tomorrow. Tonight was dinner with the relatives. They’re surprisingly cooler than I remembered. In the next few days, if I have time, I’ll try to recreate the rant that Bernie, my uncle’s old college professor AKA the crankiest Canadian man ever, decided to share with us tonight. He’s sort of amazing.

In other news, Speedo must be kicking itself for making million dollar promises to one Michael Phelps. What a great run, eh?


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