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The statement I’m giving the police…

Posted in Uncategorized by Zoelle on July 31, 2008

I’m writing to present a more coherent account of the events that occurred, as I was particularly upset at the time the initial report was taken. At that time, the officer indicated that he considered it to be a simple case of running a red light, and I wanted to explain the mitigating circumstances. I had just pulled out into the intersection of Diablo and Camino Tassajara when I heard an ambulance and stopped immediately when I saw that it was going to cross the intersection and that I would obstruct its path if I continued. When I entered the intersection, I had a green light, but by the time the ambulance had cleared, the light had turned red. Because there was a line of traffic behind me, I could not back up out of the intersection, and a woman attempting to turn left onto Camino Tassajara waved me on, indicating to me that I was blocking traffic in that direction. I knew I had an obligation to clear the intersection, and so I proceeded, attempting to get out of the way. Almost immediately after, I was hit on the driver’s side. If I had not moved, I would have been hit anyway, just further forward on the car. Prior to the collision I heard no screeching brakes or indication of the other car’s approach (I saw him when he was a few feet away, though at that point there was nothing I could do) and afterwards he said he had not seen my car because the sun had been in his eyes, blinding him.

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