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The statement I’m giving the police…

Posted in Uncategorized by Zoelle on July 31, 2008

I’m writing to present a more coherent account of the events that occurred, as I was particularly upset at the time the initial report was taken. At that time, the officer indicated that he considered it to be a simple case of running a red light, and I wanted to explain the mitigating circumstances. I had just pulled out into the intersection of Diablo and Camino Tassajara when I heard an ambulance and stopped immediately when I saw that it was going to cross the intersection and that I would obstruct its path if I continued. When I entered the intersection, I had a green light, but by the time the ambulance had cleared, the light had turned red. Because there was a line of traffic behind me, I could not back up out of the intersection, and a woman attempting to turn left onto Camino Tassajara waved me on, indicating to me that I was blocking traffic in that direction. I knew I had an obligation to clear the intersection, and so I proceeded, attempting to get out of the way. Almost immediately after, I was hit on the driver’s side. If I had not moved, I would have been hit anyway, just further forward on the car. Prior to the collision I heard no screeching brakes or indication of the other car’s approach (I saw him when he was a few feet away, though at that point there was nothing I could do) and afterwards he said he had not seen my car because the sun had been in his eyes, blinding him.

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Because 3 square inches is never quite enough.

Posted in Eccentricities, introduction by Zoelle on July 30, 2008

Hi there, my name is Zoelle and I like to talk more than I let on. I run the poetry blog Post-it Poetry, which caters to office monkeys ranging from interns to execs alike. I generally think that anyone can and does write poetry, whether they like it or not. I happen to like reading said poetry, so it works out ok.


I also needed a place to showcase my thoughts in more than 31 syllables, so here we go.


I have a confession to make. I’m one of those people- you know, the ones that fall asleep standing up with their head buried in the crook of their arm while riding public transportation, people that wear 5 inch heels even though they’re already over six feet tall- those strange creatures who sing to themselves in their cubicles and write poetry on the backs of post-its (obviously) and walk around barefoot a bit more than is strictly appropriate. Who luxuriate in using unnecessarily long words and run-on fragment ‘sentences’ from the time to time. I think the word we’re looking for here is “eccentric.”


A lot of strange things happen to me. I’ll chronicle them here. You’re in for a bangin’ good time, let me tell you. I’ve got:

  • A psychic mother (literally, though not professionally)
  • A musician father living a life of wild debauchery in Southern California (or so I imagine)
  • A tendency to attract …interesting… men, shall we say
  • 3+ jobs
  • 2 years left in college before I get to face the quoteunquote real world

And of course, a lot to say about it all. Stick with me- maybe I’ll start by exploding everything you thought you knew about models. Maybe I’ll start with strange stories from my daily commute. Or the homeless man who serenades me every morning. Or the one that tried to feed me pastries.